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The Top 100 Chart

The Top 100 Chart represents the most popular fonts on the web based on a yearly survey of the top 100k websites on the Internet. Here is the list of winners of the year 2021.

#1. Open Sans

Open Sans has an appearance of approachability, boldness, elegance, trustworthiness, and modernity.

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#2. Roboto

Roboto is most associated with modernity, boldness, simplicity, friendliness, and innocence.

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#3. Arial

Arial creates an air of power, modernity, simplicity, and excitement.

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#4. Lato

Lato bridges the gap between friendly, sophiscated, puristic, dynamic, authoritative, and modern.

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#5. Montserrat

Montserrat communicates hospitability, modernity, creativity, efficiency, and honesty.

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In truth, there are well over 200 million active websites on the Internet today. Fonnnt conducts a survey based on a sample size of the top 100,000 english/latin-based websites by order of traffic which is a good indicator of site quality. Based on this sample, a tally is done on the header and body fonts of every website. A font's usage as a large header (h1/h2) receives a double weightage.
Depending on the font license, you might be able to download to your computer or use them on your website. For example, fonts such as Open Sans, Roboto, Montserrat, and Lato (these happen to be the top 4 fonts on the Internet) are open-sourced with licenses that permit you to download or use them on any personal or commercial website.
While web fonts were traditionally designed for legacy screens and may appear quirky on a high resolution print, we found that better web fonts tend to be optimized for both print and web/mobile. For example, the most popular webfont, Open Sans, is optimized for both print and web and has excellent online/offline legibility. Generally speaking, many "modern", high-quality web fonts such as Arvo, Roboto Slab, and Vollkorn appear decently well on print too.
Fonnnt.com uses the Inter font for all header and body texts on the site.